Posted by on September 30, 2017

When you get up in the morning are you a penny, or are you a diamond? Pennies get thrown on the ground; they have very little value; most of us wouldn’t even bend to pick it up. A diamond is valuable, sparkly, and beautiful. Diamonds are strong and durable, and represent commitment. So…are you a penny or a diamond?

If you have the value of a penny, then you wouldn’t expect much of yourself. You wouldn’t expect to attract a good husband or wife. You wouldn’t expect to get that new job.  If you have no value, then you wouldn’t need a good car, a nice house, or good friends. When you see yourself as having no value, you don’t expect much and you are fine with not receiving anything.

If you have the value of a diamond, then you expect to be noticed and respected. Diamonds are expensive and taken care of; cleaned and shown off to people. They are worn prominently on your hand so others will see them sparkle and shine. If you are a diamond, you wouldn’t settle for that low paying job; to be treated poorly by others. You would expect the best for yourself, and you would settle for nothing less.

Tomorrow, when you get up in the morning, choose whether you are a penny or a diamond. Do you want value; good things coming your way? Do you expect to be treated with respect and noticed? Will you dress yourself in nice clothes and have a spring in your step? If you are a diamond, then you will.


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