Posted by on October 15, 2017

Gymnastics is the greatest.
I love Gymnastics.
I love going to the gym.
I have never felt so happy.

I don’t want to go to practice.
I hate my coach.
My teammates all hate me.
Everyone is better than I am.

Why do I have to do that skill.
Why do we have to go to beam.
I hate my routine; I hate my music.
My leotard is so ugly.

All my friends are so cool.
I love my team.
I can’t wait to tell my friends about my day.
I wonder if they saw my Facebook post.

Tomorrow is my competition
My coach is yelling at me to work.
I know I am going to blow it.
I know my knee will give out it hurts so much.

I worked really hard.
I did all my routines.
I got all my skills.
I think I will do well.

Competition day?
Depends on which day the gymnast is on.


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