Posted by on October 30, 2017

Have you ever…

  • Worked really hard for someone, only to have them criticize everything you do?
  • Give your all for someone, and have them just tell you it was not enough?
  • Care a lot about someone, only to have them treat you like you don’t matter?

Well I have… and it doesn’t make you feel too great.

When you are feeling defeated, have you ever wanted to…

  • Give up on what you have put your all into?
  • Take your frustrations out on people?
  • Strangle a person for their arrogance and stupidity?

Well I have…..and it makes me human.

But Have you ever…

  • Risen above stupid unappreciative people and done your best?
  • Stuck to your guns and did what was right?
  • Shown compassion for people that didn’t deserve it?
  • Made an even greater effort, even though you know it wouldn’t matter?

Well that is what an intelligent, hard working adult is supposed to do.  Be the leader, set the example and show patience and love for those that just don’t get it.

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