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Health Tip:

    Did you know that using your own body weight is one of the best ways to strengthen your body and get toned.  You don’t need to go to a gym; everyday just do some simple exercises and get yourself moving!
     Since I coach gymnastics and own a gymnastics center our whole family uses gymnastic to stay in shape. Gymnastics is a sport that relies entirely on your body weight for resistance.  Moving like a gymnast is great for everyone, even later in life when you can’t do the skills, but you can still do the valuable movements.
       You don’t have to do the crazy skills gymnasts do to gain the benefits of gymnastics; just focus on some of the basic, simple movements.  One source for healthy, fit gymnastics moves is at MGA Gymnastics website. Follow each day on our website and our Facebook. Each day at 12:00 PM, Coach Kellen posts a quick little exercises to challenge you using simple things around you. These moves are excellent for your body and are gymnastics related movements.  For a complete library of Coach Kellen @ AKA K Flips exercises, goto his YouTube Channel by clicking here.

Success Story

Coach Brian Keith Shrewsbury has had some amazing successes with his new Trampoline and Tumbling classes.  He teaches 9 kids each week working on Double Mini Trampoline, Trampoline and the Rod Floor.  Each week the his kids have gotten new skills and are getting stronger.  The hardest thing about his class is learning the basics of balance and getting the simple skills right.  His students have to perform the same small sequences and drills to get the skills right.  The class meets Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30 PM.  Come out and join him for a class today.  Prerequisite for attending the classes is two main skills – the back handspring and the front handspring.


December Showcase: MGA Gymnastics will be hosting a showcase for all of our recreational gymnastics students on December 16th. This will be an opportunity for all of our great students to show off their skills and receive awards based on their performance. Invite your family and friends to come watch your student show off their skills!

   Christmas Drop & Shop: MGA will be hosting a Christmas drop and shop on December 16th. Drop your students off from 4pm – 8pm for just $35. Your kids will have a great time with open gym, trampoline, team games, and more!

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