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MGA Gymnastics: Anti – Bullying Policy.

MGA Gymnastics has a zero tolerance policy for bullying. If your child is experiencing bullying at any of our facilities please get in contact with your teacher or coach.(They are required to report it to the front desk and a report should be made via email by our staff) Many of our facility teachers have a background in the education system and we handle these conflict the same way the school system does:

MGA Gymnastics contacts the students parents that are involved in the bullying.
MGA Gymnastics sets up a meeting between the parties that are involved so that parents, teachers and administrators can guild the students to resolve the conflict and understand the consequences that may occur when students are not getting along or feel uncomfortable or threatened.

MGA Gymnastics will help guild the process, and help the students come to some conflict resolution in the situation, along with the guidance of the parents of both students.

4. Bullying that continues will be met with the following consequences.
A. A warning
B. Suspension from the gym
C. Termination from the gym
D. Serious offenses will be reported to the police.

At MGA Gymnastics it is our intention that all students have a safe and happy place to learn. All students are important to us, and we need our parents and teachers to always help student and guide them to do the right things in and out of our center. We feel that it is the responsibility of all parents, teachers and administrators to set a good examples of behavior for our students; guide students to solve issues, and report all unsafe situations.

Brian Shrewsbury CEO MGA

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