Posted by on December 10, 2017

Five Things You Can Do…. To Support Your Kid…..

  1. Set Rules and Boundaries – of course they won’t like it, but you are the parent… its        your job.
  2. Be the parents, the expert…. kids can’t make decisions when they have no experience… it isn’t even fair to ask them to.
  3. Answer their questions honestly… you are the only credible source they have to learn… or they can ask their very knowledgeable friends….
  4. Encourage them even when they fail…. just tell them to try again… and make their rewards natural… no treat, money or trophies… real success is enough.
  5. Most of all be a good example for them.  Demonstrate what you want, don’t just tell them. Kids make us better people because we care enough about them to make ourselves grow for their sakes.


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