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Over 6 years ago my son Kellen and I came to Florida to start a new gym. We had the support of my wife, and my family at the time.  This journey has had incredible results that we are very proud of. It has also had some issues  that were frustrating as well.

Today here in Florida at MGA Gymnastics,  we have a 20,000 square foot facility in two buildings with multiple teams and recreational classes. We have a new Ninja Program which has expanded our boys interests in our programs; a girls Xcel Program which allowed kids from every age to compete; and began a Competitive Cheer team which competed and then collapsed and now we are rebuilding. We have over 600 students in multiple programs being taught every week. Each day our gym grows and we continue to improve and develop our programs realizing our dreams.

During the past 6 years of work and developing our business, we have had delays, money issues and many set backs. Family and friends have gone against us and undermined our efforts. We made friends we thought would support us and then lost them. We built teams only to loose them to our competitors. We developed support programs only to have them fall apart. Our journey has been one of ups and downs and learning along the way.  Recreating a business and starting your whole career and life over is a bit daunting and scary.

Yet somehow even through the every day set backs we have prevailed and continue to do so. We have put into the place all of the building blocks of a great gym that can train great athletes. Each and every day we have had three steps forward and two steps back and have never given up, not one day. I am proud of the opportunities that we have brought for families and kids to Apopka. I am proud of the gym that my family, our employees and our friends and volunteers have helped us build.

The culture we are building at MGA Gymnastics is one that is “Kids First” and family values. Winning is important yet basic achievement has an even a greater value to us. MGA has built a strong foundation, developmental programs, a teaching progressing curriculum for our staff, and a warm, friendly atmosphere. We also never quit and encourage our kids and families to keep going too. Never give up, always keep going; you never know what you can do until you get there.


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