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Christmas Wish List (Girls)

  1. Families are safe and happy this holiday season.
  2. Gymnasts get the new skills they want.
  3. Flexibility and strength come easy.
  4. There are no mistakes in your routines.
  5. Leotards fit perfectly and don’t ride up.
  6. Never get a rip.
  7. Never split the beam.
  8. Your athletes foot heals
  9. Shin splints don’t hurt anymore
  10. Your Osgood-Schlatter disease goes away
  11. Your coach only has good things to say about you.
  12. There is plenty of honey in the chalk box.
  13. That the chalk becomes magic dust that makes you awesome
  14. Your parents become millionaires to afford everything.
  15. That self driving cars bring you to practice.
  16. That you are never scared of anything.
  17. That school comes easy.
  18. That your friends always there to support you.
  19. That you get money instead of trophies.
  20. That gymnastics is always a part of your life.
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