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Being a gymnast is no easy thing….

Being a gymnast is no easy thing. Working every day in practice, listening to corrections and confronting how “not perfect” you are.  Some days your body hurts, some days you just want to sit back and do nothing.  Even when you take a break, you pay for it when you get back to practice.

Pouring everything you have into one thing is not always the healthiest way to live; unfortunately gymnastics is a sport that demands just that. Even though a gymnast must practice almost every day, be dedicated and deal with stress, the lifestyle can be balanced.

    Below are some suggestions to help balance your life if you are a gymnast….

  • First, commit to being the best gymnast that you can be.
  • Set your goals, both in the gym and out of the gym.
  • Surround yourself with friends, family and supportive people.
  • Know when you feel stressed and take care of that feeling don’t ignore it.
  • When you are frustrated with yourself, don’t make it about other people.
  • Let yourself fail and ignore the excuses that people make for you.
  • Try to beat only yourself, not the other competitors on your team or at a meet.
  • Talk through your frustrations.
  • Don’t let anyone else own your success or your failures.
  • Spread your identity out: your a gymnast, a student, a child, a friend a daughter/son.
  • When you fail know that its not for ever.
  • When you win know that you still have to keep trying to beat yourself.
  • Be kind to yourself, to your teammates and those around you that support you.
  • Most of all be appreciated of everything you do.
  • Enjoy the moment because it will not last forever.
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