Posted by on February 2, 2018

Each of us are busy living our lives. You may get up on the same schedule, go to the same job, and pick up the same paycheck each week.

Each of us have short term goals to: pay bills, clean the house, or maybe watch a TV show and relax. However comforting these short term activities may be, they get in the way of us having a purpose.

None of us plan on getting stuck in a cycle, doing the same things and getting nowhere. All of us want a purpose, things we are proud of and accomplishments. Would you be proud of your life if is was over today?

Steve Jobs once said, “if you have done the same things three days in a row, and you are not happy, stop doing it” to paraphrase. His point was, don’t get trapped in the cycle. Of course we all have things we have to do, but there is time each day to work on the things we want to do too; if we make the time.

Are you on day three of that cycle doing the same things and not happy? If so, what can you change, what can you add or cut out of the day that gets you somewhere new?

First, recognize you may be stuck in an endless cycle. Second care enough about yourself to do something about it. Third take steps, even if they are small, to change the cycle.

In the story A Christmas Carol the protagonist gets to see his past, his present and his future. What he sees doesn’t please him, so he changes his ways. We don’t all have the ability to predict the future, but we do have the ability to change the present and learn from the past. Your happiness and purpose in life depend on it.


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