Posted by on February 26, 2018

How much time does your child spend on his or her phone? Are they walking like a zombie with osteoporosis? Do they walk into walls, and are they returning to the fetal position?  Without sarcasm, it is no joke how much time children waste on their phones.

Kids are already hard to connect to. Often times they are simply doing you a favor for a minute, until they can get back to their real lives on their phones, not to mention Xbox and Television.  If they are constantly putting junk into their heads, we should not be surprised at the junk that comes out of them.

Engaging kids in sports, family activities and projects helps them reconnect to people and the real world. Kids need to learn to manage their time on and off the web. Realistically no child today is going to go without a phone or stay off the internet, but it is up to us as adults to help them learn to manage that time.


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