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So today is my wife’s birthday (Coach Barb). We (Coach Brian) have been married for 20 years now. She is _____ years old today, and she looks great and has more energy than all of us in our family. She will probably live to be 126 and outlive all of us. She can get more done in a day than I can for sure. She can solve issues, confront problems and figure out how to take care of herself, and others at the same time.

Her oldest child is over 40 years old now, and her youngest is 14.5.  She gave birth biologically to 7 kids, and with me she adopted another 3 kids for a total of 10. She was married to her first husband for 19 years and now to me for over 20 years. She knows what she needs, she goes after what she wants, and she can deal with even the most adverse conditions and still find a way to be calm and kind.

So today I hope that my wife Barb has a wonderful day, as we are not together in the same state this week. We will celebrate her birthday with dinner and fun next week when she comes down to Florida. She travels every two weeks back and forth from Florida to Maryland to help run our businesses, she is a super woman. I am proud to say, “Barb I love you through thick and thin, and I don’t mean our waste sizes. Lol”  We have been friends for over 25 years and I respect your ability to cope and get through anything. Happy Birthday and I love you very much.

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