Posted by on March 12, 2018

The weather is getting warmer, the grass is getting greener, and many of us are looking past the winter days to the warm fun times of summer.

Remember all of the work you did during the fall and winter. All the days of school and studying and learning. All of the practice days in gymnastics, learning new skills and conquering fears.

Remember all of the trips in the car to the gym and the competitions. The late night meals, the doing homework in the car. Sometimes missing parties and friends and maybe even an event or too because of your dedication to being better than just the average kid.

Just like you balanced your schedule with school and competitions this school year; this summer remember to continue balancing your fun, your time off, and don’t forget your dedication and all your hard work.

Summer is a time you get a break; from school and your regular routine. It is also an opportunity to be able to spend extra time on new skills, new strengths and becoming that gymnast you want to be in the fall.

So, if your practice is working, your relationships with your friends are good, you get along with your coach and your parents are willing to keep driving you to the gym, then keep that ball rolling and don’t give up.

Summer may be a break time but it is also a time of growth too. It’s a time of memories with the family, going to camps, and being outside. It is also a time of moving ahead, getting stronger and becoming greater than ever.

Being good at something takes hard work, dedication and stick-to-it-ness that not just everyone has. Re-imagine your goals and remember the fun and enjoyment of gymnastics. Work hard this summer and have fun both in and out of the gym. Each season brings a new beginning and opportunities for growth and fun. Don’t miss out take advantage of the time and do something great.


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