Tumbling 1 classes focus on the proper development of fundamental and intermediate-level tumbling for boys and girls ages 5-8. Tumbling 2 classes work on the same elements, but are for children ages 9 and up.

Front, back, and standing tumbling is learned using drills and skill progression. This means that students learn to perform easier skills correctly and consistently before moving on to harder elements, which helps children learn skills safely and quickly. Skills learned in these classes include:

  • Front and Back Roll
  • Handstand
  • Cartwheel and Roundoff
  • Back Handspring and Roundoff Back Handspring
  • Multiple Back Handsprings
  • Front Handspring and Front Walkover
  • Different combinations of elements in succession


In Tumbling 3, children build on top of the basic elements learned in Tumbling 1 and 2, learning more complex skills and tumbling combinations. In this class, students learn flipping and twisting elements, as well as bounding passes. Tumbling 3 classes make use of our high-level equipment such as our tumble track, trampoline, and rod floor, as well as a variety of mats, barrels and spring boards! Skills learned prepare students for the option of competitive T&T, and include:

  • Back Tuck and back layout
  • Backward Twisting Skills
  • Front Tuck and Front Layout
  • Front Twisting Skills
  • Arabian and Side Flip
  • Whips and Bounding Skills
  • Aerials



We proudly serve all of central Maryland and Washington, DC, including Bowie, Mitchelville, Pointer Ridge, Annapolis, Saverna Park, Waldorf, Gambrills, PG County, Charles County, Anne Arundel County, and surrounding areas.

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