Better with those you love

Better With Those You Love

Dec. 22, 2018 by

Better with those you love

See Your Champion Grow

Its Time to See Your Champion Grow

Nov. 1, 2018 by

See Your Champion Grow

Cross The Finish Line

Jan. 29, 2018 by

When you run a race, are you more interested in waving to your fans, or crossing the finish line?

Friends Are Awesome

Sep. 17, 2017 by

Don’t take your friends and what they do for you, for granted . Sometimes we get caught up trying to please people that are difficult and won’t be happy no matter what we do. I was once told that a friend, “is someone that would do what you need even when you don’t ask them to.…”. Surround yourself with people that have your best interest at heart; appreciate them, support them and celebrate them.

Don’t Get Even Get Even Better

Aug. 23, 2017 by

Life is too important and too brief to spend your days being bitter and trying to get even.  Evening out the score is a waste of time, and will poison your life.  Spending your days hatching plans to get back at that someone that did you wrong will result in a negative unproductive day. Concentrate on the positive and what you want to accomplish. Move around the bad, find a new path to good. Change